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Sunnyside shores are one of the rare handful spots in the world where you can hook a large-mouth bass, a giant redfish, and a huge speckled trout all in a similar spot. Reel Screamer Inshore Charters provides remarkable local Inshore fishing in Sunnyside FL, Our inshore fishing charters are the adventure of a lifetime!

Inshore Fishing Pros in Sunnyside Florida

At the point when you book a fishing charter in Sunnyside FL with Reel Screamers Charters, we’ll take you to the most productive fishing areas along across the Gulf Coast. Cruise through calm inlets or past stunning beaches before battling feisty redfish, trout, drum fish, and a lot of different species.

Inshore Fishing Charters in Sunnyside

The staggering diversity of Sunnyside Shores is a result of rich nutrients moving through the waterways, creating the ideal conditions for fish to flourish. A couple of the species you can hook in this area include: Redfish (Red Drum), Speckled trout, flounder, black drum, sheepshead, tripletail, and more

every month is great to book your incredible inshore fishing in Sunnyside FL. So come on board the boat, take in the landscape and relax but be prepared to experience a portion of the world’s best inshore fishing immediately.

What To Bring To Your Inshore Fishing Trips

To guarantee you have all that you require for your fishing trip of a lifetime in Sunnyside FL. if you don’t mind make sure to pack these things.

Explore The Best Fishing experience

You’re in for an action stuffed day of catching redfish, speckled trout, flounder, cobia, tarpon, and numerous different species when you take an inland fishing trip with Capt. Chris Nguyen and Capt. Andrew. The areas surrounding Sunnyside Shores offer several miles of potential habitat for the best redfish, speckled trout, flounder, cobia, tarpon, and other species in the country.

Capt. Chris Nguyen and Capt. Andrew will take you to the spots where the fishing is only incredible for catching larger quantities of redfish, speckled trout, flounder, cobia, tarpon, and other species. They can be found in legendary numbers in the Gulf Coast region, and our captains realize how to find them. Fishes, such as redfish flourish and are in large amounts of this locale, including the marsh and coastal waters across Sunnyside FL. This provides thrilling fishing all year if you find yourself in Sunnyside, FL.

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Inshore Fishing Guide in Sunnyside FL

Capt. Chris Nguyen and Capt. Andrew is profoundly knowledgeable in fishing the waters of Sunnyside. Fishing conditions change often and with more than 30 years of inshore fishing experience, they realize how to adjust to the current conditions to be successful at finding the correct spot to hook varieties of fish. 

The greater part of Reel Screamers Charters fishing visitors come through referrals from different anglers that have had a successful inshore fishing trip from Sunnyside FL. Join Capt. Chris Nguyen and Capt. Andrew for a inshore fishing charter from Sunnyside FL to discover why anglers come back to fish with us every year.

Reel Screamers Charters specializes in fishing inshore and nearshore oil rigs for Redfish. however, thanks to the supplement rich waters across the Sunnyside area, anglers additionally catch Speckled Trout, Flounder, Triple Tail, and Cobia depending on the season. We have one most successful inshore fishing on this coast and Reel Screamer Charters invites you to participate in the fun. Call us today to book your next Inshore Fishing in Sunnyside FL.


Reel Screamers Fishing Charters is the main inshore fishing charter in Sunnyside FL. We are the capital of the best inshore fishing experience in Florida. Don’t hesitate to call us to book your fishing tours.

Our fishing trip offers Redfish, Bull Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Flounder – including Red Snapper and Black Drum, however, we have been known to catch something else or two! Reserve Your Fishing Trip now!

A portion of the Species We Catch on Our Fishing Charter Trips

Most anglers making from Sunnyside FL may have it as a main priority to pursue just redfish and trout, or some other specific species.  however, on any of our fishing trips, there’s a decent possibility you’ll catch more fun and delicious inshore fish alongside your target catch.

Different species of fish we commonly catch include:


some local anglers will exchange you a flounder for a redfish nearly anytime. Its flaky white meat is delightful when prepared and they’re fun to catch. Flounder balances our fishing box and is commonly found in similar spots where we target redfish and trout.


Sheepshead is another loved species among local anglers in Sunnyside FL, with many contrasting its taste with that of speckled trout. Sheepshead loves a dead shrimp, and are regular along the gulf coast and frequently advance into our containers on both trout and redfish charters.

Dark Drum

The dark drum is the nearby cousin of the redfish and can weigh up to 50lbs. They are incredibly common on fishing trips as dark drum and redfish visit similar areas and have similar feeding patterns. Dark drums never seize to put up an incredible fight and the meat tastes really good as well.


Sometimes called a “lemon fish”, large cobia is abundant around the nearshore and coastal areas of Sunnyside at specific times of the year. These fish taste amazing on the grill and set up a mind-blowing battle because of their size. In the event that you’d prefer to target Cobia during your Inshore Fishing in Sunnyside, FL, please contact us to discuss this ahead of time.

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