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Reel Screamer Charters is a licensed, Insured, United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved inshore fishing charter company located in the beautiful Laguna Beach, FL. We offer extraordinary local Inshore fishing in Laguna Beach FL, Our inshore fishing charters are the adventure of a lifetime!

Group and Family Bay Fishing Charters in Laguna Beach

A fishing charter with Reel Screamer Charters offers the chance to relax and be thrilled in one astounding fishing trip. Get your family and friends on a private fishing experience on board one of our comfortable boats for a memorable private fishing charter. While you spend a morning or night relaxing on the water, Our captains will show you the basics of inshore fishing.  you will be directly on top of the fish, where you can feel the thrill of a pull on your line and the excitement of wondering what’s on the end of your hook.

Well Planned Charter fishing Trips in Laguna Beach Florida!

Nothing is easier than going on an inshore fishing charter with us. We offer morning and evening inshore fishing trips for groups of up to six individuals. We likewise offer evening fishing charters on demand; you can easily get in touch with us for more information 24/7 every day.

When you book your fishing trips, we take care of the rest. some of the things our private fishing charters provide are: 

For incredible, premium charter fishing in Laguna Beach, FL, contact Reel screamer Inshore Charters today!

What is Inshore Fishing?

For Newbies in inshore fishing trips in Laguna Beach, there is no solid meaning of what inshore fishing is. however, it fundamentally includes casting a line in bays, flats, backcountry, and coastal waters only a couple of miles off the ocean.

You’ll once in a while find yourself in excess of 10 miles from shore, for the most part in water that ranges from a few inches to around 20 feet deep. Obviously, these numbers differ sometimes and it is subject to the fish you hope to catch.

Regardless of where you find yourself, a couple of fundamental fishing standards remain constant. During our Inshore Fishing in Laguna Beach, you’re going to cast lines on board a little boat, be it a rowboat, center console, dinghy, or even a kayak. 

In certain spots where the water is sufficiently shallow, you may even swim in the water. Inshore waves are calm, and the fishing remains genuinely steady all through the seasons. Taking into account how nearshore you’ll be during the inshore fishing, travel time and fuel costs are moderately low, which makes inshore fishing in Laguna Beach less expensive and more child-friendly than offshore fishing.

Gulf Shores Inshore Fishing

Reel Screamer Charters offers a great variety of Inshore fishing trips in Laguna Beach, FL. go after Red Fish, Speckled Trout, White Trout, Flounder, Sheepshead, and the sky is the limit for the species you can catch! Get hooked on backwater fishing across Laguna Beach area! Light tackle fishing across the calm waters through Laguna Beach and other smaller associated waterways is an incredible experience for all anglers.

If you are one who enjoys fishing but however doesn’t fancy the common unpleasant gulf waves, you should check out our inshore fishing charters. Calm shallow waters, wonderful views, ocean feathered creatures, dolphins, and alligators are a couple of the amazing things you may see on your inshore fishing adventure!

Inshore Fishing Charters In Laguna Beach

Reel Screamer inshore fishing charters with Capt. Chris Nguyen and Capt. Andrew, fishing the Gulf Coast and its waterways. Our expertise and experience permit us to give our customers in Laguna Beach, FL, the absolute best.

Our Inshore Fishing Charters in Laguna Beach go up to 3 nautical miles off the beach. Our Fishing Charters are private 6 travelers or less. We give all the bait, tackle, licenses, and local hot spots! Look at our following information and Contact Us to book the fishing charter of your choice.

Best Inshore Fishing Captains

Our Inshore Captains are driven to provide you with the best of the best Florida Inshore fishing experience. As a matter of first importance, safety is absolutely critical. The entirety of our Captains are Coast Guard Certified; and are chosen based on their fishing achievements, safety protocols on the waters, and state of boat and equipment. 

Our Florida Inshore fishing captains will give all the fishing tackle, bait, and equipment required to catch the trophy fish you need. If you have a special bait or fishing pole you might want to utilize, bring it along!

Florida saltwater fishing license(s) are remembered for your fishing packages. We want your fishing trip to be a safe, effective, and exciting adventure that you will enjoy narrating your experience with your friends and family and with the photos to back it up.

Get your Inshore Fishing adventure started today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will respond to any inquiries you may have; including where to remain if overnight becomes essential, what fishing spots will yield the outcomes you are searching for, proper boat size, and so on. 

Whatever your needs might be, Reel Screamer Charters will have you well set up for an unforgettable fishing experience.!

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