Best Things to Do in Lower Grand Lagoon Panama City Beach 32408

Best Things to Do in Lower Grand Lagoon Panama City Beach 32408
Everything that comes to mind when you think of Panama City Beach: crazy parties, beautiful beaches, and fun-packed vacations, can all be found in the Lower Grand Lagoon. Whatever activities you’re planning for your vacation can be found here. But with so many activities going on, which should you choose? Down below we break down all of the best opportunities you have to choose from, as well as provide convenient links for you to check

Things to do: St. Andrews State Park
With the Gulf on one side and St. Andrews Bay on the other, those that crave swimming, snorkeling or surfing will be more than satisfied. Theodore Tollofson evidently liked what he saw when he shipwrecked on what is now St. Andrews State Park during a 1929 hurricane. He homesteaded in his derelict boat for the next 25 years. Now, state park visitors can experience what kept “Teddy the Hermit” at St. Andrews—sugar white sands, emerald green waters and a vast array of ever-changing winged creatures since the park is a popular migratory stopover for numerous bird and butterfly species. Besides boasting a mile-and-a-half of pristine beaches for fishing and swimming, St. Andrews also offers the chance for visitors to stroll through pines, dunes and coastal plant communities, or set up camp in the campground or primitive group area.

Things to do: Attractions
The two main attractions we recommend are both centered around the beaches and water of course! Paradise Adventures and Sea Screamer both provide some of the best ways to experience the main attraction: the Emerald Gulf. Dolphin Tours, Snorkel Trips, and Sunset Cruises are only a few of the activities you can sign up for to experience Panama City Beach properly! If you’ve never seen a real Florida dolphin before, then these are the
places to do so! These adventures are typically booked pretty far in advance so if this is something you’re looking to do, make sure you make your reservations early! If you’re not looking to spend money, then feel free to just travel along the beaches! If you’re coming during the busy season (Spring and Summer,) you can get more isolated sands by walking down the shore and stopping at the beach behind some of the larger hotels. While it may say private beach, it only refers to the parking being private.

Things to do: Dive Shops
If you’re thinking your trip should be less about looking and more about doing, then check these places out! There are two main dive shops in the greater Grand Lagoon area, but for Lower Grand Lagoon, Panama City Diving is the best and only choice! They have services for divers of all levels, whether you’re just wanting to get into it, or are looking to go out spearfishing. If you want to just admire some of the natural or artificial reefs that Panama City Beach is known for, then they have dive charters available as well! It is truly one of the top ways to experience the water.

Things to do: Fishing Charters
Who needs to stop by the restaurants when you can catch your own dinner? Just like the dive shops, in the Lower Grand Lagoon there is only one main fishing charter: Reel Screamer Charters – Panama City Inshore Fishing. We have some of the most vast and diverse fish varieties in all of Florida due to our natural and artificial reefs. With two great fishing boats, you can fish in the style you like! As you can imagine, this is a great adventure for company and family trips.

Things to do: Live Music
Unlike the Fishing charters and dive shops, there are tons of different places to go for live music in Panama City! They usually happen at restaurants, bars, and venues. The first place to mention is Ms. Newby’s Liquors, famous for their Hunch Punch. If you’re planning a trip during Bike Week or Jeep Jam, it’s also a major spot for everyone to hang out! Schooners is also a top spot, with incredibly good food, you can eat, listen to live music, and watch the sunset. Patches Pub has the same to offer with great food as well! Both restaurants provide an amazing beachy atmosphere that you’re probably looking for in Panama City.

Things to do: Nightlife
The nightlife in Lower Grand Lagoon is it’s biggest strength, besides access to the beach. If you’re looking for some of the places for great drinks and the most fun, then the Lower Grand Lagoon is the right choice! If you’re looking for something more family oriented, then we recommend you take a look at our article Best Things to Do in Upper Grand Lagoon. For those looking for a classic bar with pool and darts, check out Foghorn’s Bar & Package. It’s a top place for locals with a warm atmosphere to it. If you want to really play, check out Vic’s Sports Bar! They have tons of pool tables with some nights being free to play! Another fun bar is themed for fishing: Buster’s Beer & Bait! The back is a store full of fishing gear while the front has everything you’re looking for in a bar! What’s cool is that it’s veteran owned and is actually a non-profit. Speaking of veterans, if you’re wondering where everyone from the military base nearby goes, check out Patches Pub & Grill! If you’re in the service yourself, odds are you’ve already heard of them! What’s great about all the bars in Panama City is that all of them have a view of the beach! Besides bars, the restaurants around town are always lively! If you’d like to see them, more in detail, check out our listing at restaurants in Grand Lagoon.

While there are many different things to do in the Lower Grand Lagoon listed above, it is definitely not a full list! If you’re interesting in seeing all the places in Panama City Beach simply, we have a directory of all the businesses in the area that we recommend you check out! You’re guaranteed to find all the activities you’re looking for!